The collection reflects my knitting preferences: while I love gorgeous, intricate knitting patterns and often start five of them (well, okay, maybe a few more than that), the ones I tend to finish quickly are the projects which are much more straightforward since I will tend to do a lot of my knitting while doing a bit of binge watching ;)  At the same time, little careful details -- say an i-cord cast on or short rows -- add a lot to the look of the piece and are fun to learn and easy to incorporate into your knitting when you are more familiar with them.  

I'm thrilled to be designing and love the way knitting ties together my various interests, as I studied fine art and engineering.  I once owned a knitting store in Montreal and learning what people are looking for in their knitting patterns continues to be an influence whenever I am developing my designs.

-Eleanor Parkin

designer for knitmodern

Oakville, Ontario, Canada